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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Introduction To Educational Blog From UDOM.

Welcome All to a newly introduced  
Blog of Education!

At the mean time the blogger is in its initial stage with address: word edomscience originates when the words; education, udom and science are fused together   
It will deal with publication of news or any information regarding Education in Tanzania. It's main concern will be to publicize information which will help to improve the quality of Education in Tanzania and especially in Universities of Tanzania. 
The Universities are given high priority by this Blog  because it is the highest level of Education, therefore they are expected to focus on the ways which can improve the quality of Education and thus lead in the struggle towards national development.

The blog will also help to link the university educators and students, especially in The University of Dodoma (Udom). Also the interaction can go beyond the University of Dodoma and involve Universities of Tanzania and eventually span between the educated society and the Community out there.
Bearing in mind that, Science has been a great problem to many students in Tanzania, this blog will try to address the situation through publicizing ideas from experts, educationists and the community at large on how  Tanzania of Scientists will be created today and to the coming generation.
The last but not least aim of the Blog is to smoothen communication and transfer of information through improved Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The quick access to information will increase efficiency in working which in turn will improve productivity and National Development. 

We do appreciate contribution of ideas  from all angles.  So whenever you think you have got any comment or idea regarding education, don't hesitate to send to our email address:

We better Inspire ourselves by wisdom words from our late father of Nation, Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere (The philosopher)
who said;
Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere.
"Kwetu sisi maskini, Elimu inatakiwa itumike kama chombo cha ukombozi"

Created by;
Ayoub Sanga. (Maths &Computer Instructor)
The University of Dodoma,
College of Education,
Department of Science,
Mathematics and Technology Education.
Copyright © 2010.

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  1. I'm looking a good teachers in UDOM,this is time to you to tell them,we have a stationary at block T in ur campus and king David School at Mtwara.